CLASS 003/004

For this week's practice, I want to play with form and context.
Inspired by Robert Lax and artists like Carl Andre, the form must have its own shape to convey moods.

For this python program, I call it Are You Ready For Love.

It will read any text, here I chose the dialogue film script of Before Sunrise, and output lines that starts with we and you.


this week, i like to mix seriousness with a bit of playfulness. the idea is to translate a serious speech with a Kanye twist.

so, i took some Gandhi (aka Gan-D) quotes from Google, and used the following python code to add some flavor.

original text:


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 00.06.59.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 00.06.37.png





extremely excited for reading and writing electronic text. the combination of poetics, arts of procedural process and computational randomness to me electrifying.
for the first assignment, i'd like to attempt on making a tribute to a poet who touched me from the instant, Robert Lax. i was in a secondhand bookstore, flipping through the poetry section, when i found this pure and clean turquoise book. here's an excerpt:


I typed in 'Morning' from his poem collection The Circus of the Sun into plain text. Morning is one of Lax's early poems, “The Circus of the Sun,” is often described as his “masterpiece.” His later poems are so much in experimental forms, minimal yet transcendental, the negative space between words and lines are air for deeper emotions. So, here I wanted to take his earlier works, transform it with code to a similar form of his later experimental works.

here is Morning in plain text

using these commands : 
$ cut -d  '  ' -f 1 <morning_robertlax.txt >firstletter.txt
$ cut -d  '  ' -f 9 <morning_robertlax.txt >ninthletter.txt
$ cut -d  '  ' -f 3 <morning_robertlax.txt >thirdletter.txt

then i got these results:


 issues started from here, i wanted to combine all three files, but using the paste command, lines will be combined together, which wasn't the result i wanted. so i hand pasted all three into one file (named combined.txt).

after combining all text, i wanted to change all text to lowercase as Lax performed in his later poems using the below command:
$ tr A-Z a-z <combined.txt >final.txt