*work still in progress, updating on Feb 15th afternoon.




for this two week exercise, teaming up with Grau, we decided to play with shapes that appear to be oddly balanced, but balanced. A shape that is created by multiple other shapes.

step 000
pinned down the shape we wanted to realize, found in book Structural Packaging. This is a shape that is consisted of two cubes colliding into each other on a slight angle.



step 001
we traced the 2D model off the book with normal printing paper on the ratio of 1:1, cutting and folding along the lines.

step 003
folding the shape into 3D.

step 004
this was when the actual beginning of this exercise begun. we needed to translate the paper to a thicker material, which means calculating the measurements that also considers 1/8'' thickness.
question : we did this with a pure mathematical method on paper. is there a software that can calculate material thickness and give out 3D/2D dimensions easily?


step 005
after the first calculation, we decided to prototype and see if the measurements work in 3D. we used 1/8'' cardboard, created an illustrator file and used the laser cutter.

step 006

step 007

step 008

step 009

step 010


result :