Einsteins Dreams

part 20 June 1995
part 22 June 1995

Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman is a collective of speculative imaginations of the role of time. By conditioning how time exists in the world, rigid as it has been pre=determined forever, or independent as a local phenomenon, people think and act drastically different.

In chapter 20 June 1995, time exists as a local phenomenon, "This world of the locality of time, this world of isolation yields a rich variety of life. For without the blending of cities, life can develop in a thousand different ways. The abundances caused by isolation are stifled by the same isolation.

In chapter 22 June 1995, time is frigid, fixed, as every flight of birds is completely determined forever. In this context, freedom is a faint expression, there's no other options for a person to choose, rather than passively experience what is ahead.

These imaginations might seem isolated from reality, yet, as time is standardized and globalized today, how each and one of us, singularly experience time could be drastically different, even to say, more closer to the stories in the book. How we perceive time, utilize time, influences how we relate to other beings, how we see the past, the future, the trajectory of life.  

Is time a metric that measures our consciousness and the state of being?