To continue on the storm globe piece, this week I made the filling of the storm and also the container of it.
I found a mannequin made of styrofoam and dug it into tiny styrofoam balls. And then I bought a type of linen that had small holes so air of the fan could blow through, but the holes are small enough to contain the tiny styrofoam balls at the same time.
To stick the linen to the plastic semi-sphere, according to This To That I should use epoxy glue, but since time was sensitive, I decided to give the hot glue a try.

Using the glue gun was a task, it requires really fast action otherwise the glue would dry up in an instant, even faster then acrylic glue!

This is the end result. The hot glue held it very tight, no matter how I shook the semi-sphere, it still stayed in place.