On the weekend Alejandro and I started working on the entire concept of the project, not just as a sound piece but a multi-sensory experience. We started with finding which element in the story we wanted to work on the most. We narrowed it down to four scenes/themes:

                                          1 Eating the egg
                                          2 "I like watching her move"
                                          3 Giving birth
                                          4 Gun + Love scene

After drawing arcs for each scenes and imagining the sound composition, we decided to go with the first one - eating the egg. So we started contextualizing this piece. We imagined a meal course with just one course - the egg, made out of mystic and magical ingredients. You can only eat the egg in a specific constructed space with an audio piece that will guide, stimulate, complete the whole tasting experience. We were referencing to the rituals and designs of the Ayahuasca journey. Yet putting that into a futuristic + extraterrestrial setting.  



We sketched the audio piece into 4 sessions.
1 contemplate the egg
2 consume the egg
3 feel the egg inside
4 mind awake

We implemented from Bloodchild, how the egg of T'Gatoi made them feel relaxed and dreamy. Which set the tone for session 3. 

Before we started playing with the sounds, we began with imagining what the egg desert would really look like,  the environment where it will be consumed,  how will it be served, the mood it should stimulate and anything else that can contextualize the sounds.


During the whole making of the project, questions started floating. How consumption of food or any other kind of information get inside of us effect the body and mind in different ways? What is the balance between outsourced stimulation and one's own feelings and thoughts, do we have original feelings and thoughts or we are just simply reacting to everything around us? Once information leaks inside of us, does the body and mind ever forget? How hard it is to forget? As we drink from a plastic bottle, are we embedded with plastic?