On Kawara _
The “Today” series, part of the Duchampian tradition of making art directly from dumb reality, treated each date as a ready-made. The works seemed straightforward — even obvious — and maddeningly repetitive, suggesting the Zen passivity of John Cage’s acceptance of noise as music. But they were also diaristic and meditative and could resonate with existential, psychological and scientific implications about the time-space continuum.




Past: all years from 998.031 B.C. until 1969.
Future: all years from 1969 until 1.001.995 A.D.







  1. Screen is average of 12cm vertical
  2. Physical pixels 1136px (every cm is 95 pixels vertical)
  3. Amount of time spent scrolling 4 hours (240 min)

    If we assume that for every 5 seconds of phone usage, the person scrolls 20 cm on average (which is the speed I'd estimate someone scrolling through Facebook or skimming a web page would have, if you measure the distance the screen scrolls, which is more than the distance the person swipes their finger across it)

     (240*60 sec/day * 20/5 cm/sec = 14400sec * 4cm = 57600cm ---5,472,000 pixel)

  4. Track Scrolling

  5. Transfer into pixels

  6. Document into lines with data or for every pixel I scroll print SCROLL